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Member: Motion Picture Costumers Local #705 (inactive)




Independent Costume Designer/Maker: 1989-present.

Design, Construction, and/or provide set support


Ø   “Surge of Power 2” Costume Construction. Surge of Power Enterprises 2008-2009


Ø   “Star Trek: Excalibur” Costume Designer. Excalibur 1705 Films ltd. 2007-present


Ø   “KA” Cirque du Soleil: Stage Costumes MGM Grand 2006


Ø   “La Reve” Costume Construction Wynn Las Vegas. 2005


Ø   “Star Trek: Enterprise” Construction with HMS Creative Productions. Paramount 2001


Ø      ‘“Great War Of Magellan” Costume Designer / Wardrobe Supervisor -Pilot- 2000


Ø      “Fist Of Fong” Costume Designer (Pilot) 2000


Ø      “Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming” – Costume Designer / Wardrobe Supervisor  & costume construction – “Proof of Concept” Presentation Film  - ShuShan Productions1999-2000


Ø      “Guardian Black Belts” Wardrobe Supervisor & Construction of ‘Superhero’ suits for TV pilot/Movie. 1997


Ø      “Eraser” - Designed and made costume pieces. Universal 1996


Ø      'Space, above and Beyond' – Costume construction/refit. 20th Century Fox 1996. 


Ø       'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' - Assorted Episodes - Constructed Featured Prop for Pilot episode (Emissary).  - Constructed futuristic "shopping bags" and duffel bags for regular use during the series. Paramount Pictures 1993-1999


Ø      “Red Dwarf” (Pilot) Co-designed Special costume (Kryten, Lead Character) and constructed fabric portions of the costume. Set Costumer for the costume.  Universal 1992.


Ø      “GREAT SCOTT' - Designed and Constructed "Swell Bod" costume for Pilot, set costumer for episodes costume was featured. Castlerock/Fox TV 1992    


Ø      'Motor Psycho' - Costume Designer / Wardrobe Supervisor – Pivot Pictures, 1991.  (Feature Film)


Ø      'Ghostbusters Pre-Show' - wardrobe supervisor, Made costumes & supplied props. Landmark/Universal Studios Tour, Florida. 1990


Ø      'Hogg’s Heaven' – (Showtime 30 Minute Movie) Re-shoot Costume Designer/Set Costumer - Chantiller Films. 1990.


Ø      'Direct TV' - commercial – Design & Construction of featured Prop/costume and Set Costumer 1990



Ø      'The Edge' - Designed & Constructed practical "Safest Baby" bag for reoccurring skit. Bags were designed to be Fireproof, to fly, and to    

Hold a real baby.  Fox TV (through Prop'er Effects) 1990


Ø      'Conflict of Interest' - (Television Movie) – Costume Construction (some additional design work).  Moviestone 1990. (Owner/Costumer: December 1999 - Present

Work Includes design, construction of costumes, re-creation costumes and set work.


Ø      Perform alterations and create costumes for “The Fab Four”, Las Vegas.


Ø      Re-created from photographs The Beatles "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" costumes for sound-a-like bands, including "Imagine” from Los Angeles and “The Fab Four”, Las Vegas.


Ø      Re-created From photographs the "Elvis - Aloha from Hawaii" Costume Jumpsuit and Cape for Elvis Impersonator E. Aaron Price.


Ø      Created sewing patterns from originals and provide all assembly instructions for “Star Trek: The Next Generation” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” & "Star Trek: Voyager" costumes for public sale (


Ø      Misc. ongoing projects including walk around suits, promo, performance, recreations, and custom embroidery for patches, shirts, and jackets.



Design, Construction, and/or provide set support (company is out of business)


Ø      Design & construction of costumes for private customers. Ranging from

            Movie & TV recreations to custom designed outfits & objects.


Ø      ‘Lost in Space’ Re-Created Will Robinson’s Space suit for Actor Bill




Ø       “Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming” – Costume Designer / Wardrobe Supervisor  & costume construction – “Proof of Concept” Presentation Film  - ShuShan Productions1999-2000


Ø      'Unsolved Mysteries' - Wardrobe Assistant - Cosgrove/Meueur,


Ø      'MacGyver' - Wardrobe Assistant, setup of the wardrobe dept for the 1991-1992 season.


Ø      'Uncle Buck' - Set Costumer - Universal, 1990-1991


Ø      'Star Trek: The Next Generation' - Second Unit Wardrobe - Episodes "Data's Day," The Wounded," and "Devil's Due" - Paramount Pictures    1990-1991 season.


Ø      'Nasty Boys' – Wardrobe Assistant, Universal.


Ø      'K-9' (Pilot) - Set Costumer for inserts, Universal.


Ø      'Over My Dead Body' Wardrobe Assistant, Universal.


Ø      'Federal Express' (commercial) - Set Costumer


Ø      'Mug Root Beer/Slice' (commercial) - Set Costumer


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