What's New

Updated February 2015



Use the code "CEASAR" at checkout for a 12% Discount on your entire order until the Ides of March (March 15th)!

We have changed over to "Square" for order Processing, we will be adding direct PayPal buttons as well after our shopping cart provider went out of business suddenly.

We are no longer accepting orders for Costumes or Props from France, sorry for any inconvenience.

Recently Added the Star Trek the Next Generation Woman's "Skant" pattern. Long out of print is is not available again.

Added new items like Screen accurate TOS pants, the Women's "Mirror, Mirror" Uniform and Dagger & scabbard set!

There are also new patterns in the works (Kruge style Klingon uniform pattern for one)

Still waiting confirmation of the new Guinness World Record was set at the 2013 Vegas convention, 1085 people in Star Trek costumes were in one place (A VERY LARGE ballroom) at the same time, beat the last record of 1064 set at Destination London Last year, Terry Farrell (Dax on DS9) was #1085. Update, looks like Guinness has screwed Vegas on the new record :(